How to follow your gut

I recently met with a friend of mine. She seemed so grounded and kept telling me about her upcoming opportunities at work and how she is thriving in all other aspects of her life. By the sounds of it, she was in complete flow. Something I have been trying to get into for years. It’s a state of letting go and surrender, where you no longer try to force things but rather trust that things will appear and happen at the exact right time. I had heard a lot about it but kept wondering: “What’s the first step to getting into that flow state?”. According to my friend, her bliss started when she began to follow her “gut feeling”.

I grew up with the belief that I had to make everything happen myself. However, I was too much in my head, going through scenarios and thinking about possible action steps. Overthinking led me to feel paralysed and unable to do anything. At that time, the very things that seemed to be the solution to my problems were the things that made me more anxious and incapable to act.

I am a seeker of solutions and new perspectives. So, I want to try to follow my gut feeling. But what does it look like in real life? What does it feel like when applied? And what are the consequences of following your gut? Right now I am on this self-experiment to only do the things that feel right. It can be quite confusing to distinguish between my gut feeling and my logical mind. They both serve a purpose, but when it comes to your happiness, I believe the best decisions are the non-logical ones.

I will keep you updated on how the experiment goes. In the meanwhile: what are your thoughts about following your gut vs. your logical mind?

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