What if your dreams are not YOUR dreams?

We all have dreams and visions of what our life is supposed to look like. As many people do, I projected my happiness into the future, depending on me achieving or gaining certain things. Yet, my actions and choices don’t reflect my goals. Instead of questioning why I didn’t do what was necessary to achieve my goal, I beat myself up for not acting more in alignment with my visions.

Only recently I asked myself for the first time: What if this is not what you really want? What if deep inside of you – that dream is not yours? Is it possible that it was planted in your mind instead? By your parents, by society, by social media? Here’s the thing: if it’s not really what you want, you will not make it happen.

Where there is a will there’s a way

Pauline Kael

When I look back at my life, there are many things I followed through with, regardless of the effort I had to put in. And likewise, there were simple things that I thought about doing for so long but never ended up doing. Why? My best bet is it’s because I didn’t really want it.

As I keep mentioning there are many reasons why we don’t do the things that are necessary to achieve our dreams. So, instead of beating yourself up for not taking action, ask yourself: what if I actually don’t want it?

It’s okay to not want something and it’s okay to change your mind.

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