The balance of rational and emotional aspects of decision-making

Author: Jakob Königshofer

The challenge I face regularly is to overcome my very own self-doubts, blockers and disbeliefs. In my experience, it is very often a self-sabotage mechanism that wants me to stay ‘safe’. And by ‘safe’ it means ‘in the known and familiar’. There are two battles to fight. One: rational versus emotional parts of me and two: chasing external goals versus real and honest wishes coming from the core of my being. In order to separate and identify what is what I need time to reflect, contemplate and ultimately time to feel. Feeling resonance with what feels right, more true and profound is my go-to for decision-making. In any case I have learned that both the rational and the emotional sides of me need to be integrated into every choice I make. Most of the time I start with a rational analysis of the current problem or state, which gives me a structure but also a headache if I overthink it. Emotional aspects have much greater power for sustainable change and evolutionary personal growth – so I would always question my emotional arguments. By wondering ‘why‘ I feel the way I feel about a decision and if this thing that I am trying to move closer to is my true and honest desire, I get to observe how my system reacts to my thoughts. If I like my bodily sensations and the visions that come up I made it a habit to use these powerful vibrant images as a strong inner guideline. However, because whatever step I decided to take is often something new it also requires discipline to stick with it. That´s where flexibility and adaptability come into play. By allowing myself to slightly change course if needed I don‘t lose energy by sticking to the original plan if it doesn’t make sense anymore. I learned that this approach helps me to maintain my flow state and supports me to explore unknown territory.

To sum it up: The process of integrating rational and emotional aspects of decision-making combined with asking the right questions helps me to stop procrastinating. I observe my thoughts and feelings and go for the once that resonate with me. Also, I use powerful images to guide my choices. But most importantly, I try to stay flexible to be open to solutions I wouldn`t have considered before.

Do you tend to follow your gut or your brain when making choices?

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