Use procrastination to your advantage

Author: Sarah Steiner

As weird as it sounds, but procrastinating is not always a negative thing if you are willing to see it from a different perspective. Here’s the trick: even if you have a lot of things you avoid doing, some items on your list seem harder to accomplish than others. If you use your procrastination to take care of the easier things on your to-do-list first, you end up being productive after all. Try to see the opportunities that come with it. It will ease your mind and get you ahead in life.

Think about it! By prioritising certain items over others on your to-do-list, you end up doing the things you avoided doing for a long time anyway. And you do them, not because you finally overcome your procrastination, but because it is simpler to do than another item on your list. By making your way from least resistance items to most resistance item, you still win.

As you are using less willpower in the process, you will have more energy to accomplish your goals. Through starting small, you will gain momentum. You never know, you might even end up doing the very thing that you felt the most resistance towards in the beginning.

This is not to say it works for everybody. It is another tool worth trying. Remember, there is no such thing as a ‘one-fits-all’ approach in life. But if you are willing to keep trying new perspectives, you are bound to find what works for you.

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