The importance of showing up as a leader

I recently started a job as a customer service representative.

It caught me by surprise when our boss as well as the CEO of the company came into our training room and introduced themselves. Both didn’t get tired of mentioning how important we all are being the first point of contact for all the clients and hence, vital in terms of customer relationship management. Our boss also encouraged us to ask questions, reach out for help and to not be afraid of failing.

I was beyond speechless. Not only did they take the time to meet us, ask for our names and mentioned that we are important in the company, but they also invested in building consciously the culture of their company.

As an entry-level newbie, I really appreciated their efforts. It might be only 10 minutes of investment for them but it makes all the difference for me starting a new job.

Small gestures like this build trust, loyalty and set the right tone from the start.

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