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This space is dedicated to personal growth and development. It is a platform where epiphanies and thoughts are shared and discussed. About all and nothing. About the little and the big things. Whatever you want to speak about, send me your blog post and I can publish it here. Your experiences are important and through sharing our stories we can help each other.

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Use procrastination to your advantage

As weird as it sounds, but procrastinating is not always a negative thing if you are willing to see it from a different perspective. If you use your procrastination to take care of the easier things on your to-do-list first, you end up being productive after all.

Procrastination – Problem or Symptom?

We all know it: Our to-do-list is long and the deadlines are approaching, yet we somehow cannot seem to stop procrastinating and get to work. The question is: Why? Why do so many people struggle with getting their things done, using their time wisely instead of wasting it doing other, less important things?


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